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Let's Talk Wordpress

Did you know over 40% of the entire internet is built on Wordpress? And over 500 new websites per day are developed on this platform? 

From ease of design + development to optimization potential. Wordpress is far and away the best choice for your new website. 

And now with the addition of futuristic page builders like Elementor… paired with Wordpress – the game has changed again! 

Elementor allows us to develop, original, sleek, cool, fast and secure websites all from an incredibly dynamic and seemingly limitless, front end page builder. 

Your Website Might Be Crying for Help…

Have you reviewed Your Wordpress Website lately?

Over the last decade or so, various website builders have popped up in the web development world. Some of them a blessing to humanity while still others seem to be created by people who greatly dislike joy and humans and efficiency in general. 

If you’ve been wondering about the health and wellness of your website, it’s probably time to get some answers. If you have a Wordpress website that was built in last 5-7 years, there’s a good chance it contains some outdated technology like WP Bakery, Visual Composer or Beaver Builder or Cake Maker… OK I made the last one up… But the others are 100% real. They’re also 100% past their primes for the most part. 

At Thrive Engine, we take the time to review your entire Wordpress website. There are times when a site is extremely well built and simply requires some light TLC to continue to function well . BUT most of the time we need to have a BiG conversation about transitioning to a newer system – still built upon the Wordpress platform.

We’ll go over your options to transition your Wordpress website builder from the aforementioned usual suspects to the latest in Wordpress website builders like Elementor or Divi. Once we’ve completed our initial conversation and you’ve decided you’d like to move forward, we’ll provide a deep and detailed website report that will fully outline recommendations from all aspects of your website. You can use this report to quickly and efficiently evaluate your website’s strengths and weaknesses—in more than 40 different ways.

Our process generally starts with these items:

Full Wordpress Website Audit

  1. Analysis of all pages indexed in Google
  2. Complete plugin review (many times unwanted and unnecessary plugins have taken up residence on your server)
  3. Full site speed and performance testing
  4. SEO health + viability
  5. Content review for originality and inventory
  6. Current website hosting review
  7. Professional recommendations based on available budget
  8. Implement chosen recommendations
  9. Review your updated website and implemented changes
  10. Celebrate the fact that your website is now the business development asset you dreamed about when you first put out your shingle.
Website Maintenance Report

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Our Clients Sing Our Praises

Josh patiently partnered with me to develop a very professional website for my counseling practice; and I now have a site I can be proud of. The training sessions on the WordPress back end that Josh provided added so much value because they empowered me to continue developing my site independently.
Thrive Engine
David S.
Licensed Professional Counselor

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Update An Old Friend

You’ve invested time and money into your website and for one reason or another, it just isn’t cutting the mustard.

We can help. Maybe you tried one of those magical website builders and found it isn’t for you. Maybe you’re ready to take the next step and build an entirely new website. Or maybe you just need some help updating an old friend that has some life left in in it.

No matter the situation, we can help.

And we’ll provide you with an honest recommendation that is right for you and your budget. 

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Our Strong Points

We’re always looking to improve our knowledge and understanding of our space. We’ve been working with Wordpress for over a decade so we know it like an old pal. Visual Composer and Elementor have become fast friends as well. And of course we love our clients. Mostly. 

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