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Performance & Load Time

Load Time / Performance

Pagespeed Enhancements

One of the most important things you can do for your website and its users is to ensure it is as fast as possible. This provides a good user experience and meets Google standards to make your pages SEO-friendly. 

Performance and load time optimizations occur within a website’s code and at the server level. It’s important to ensure both are optimized to the best of their ability to provide your users with a lightning-fast experience. This makes your site visitors happy and helps you retain customers.

What is Load Time?

Load time is the amount of time it takes a browser like Chrome or Safari to fetch pages for website visitors. The longer the load time, the longer your visitors have to wait to read or see content. Of course, you want to keep visitors on your site and load things as quickly as possible for them. The load time of a page can be affected by large images, video files, improper code or your site’s web hosting. As a leading web developer in Denver, we help reduce load time and improve performance for our client’s websites. The end result is a faster website and happier site visitors.

How to Make Performance Improvements

There’s a lot that can (unfortunately) go wrong when trying to improve the speed of a site. You could end up with broken or pixelated images, code that doesn’t fire correctly or worse, your entire site could crash. This is why it’s important to hire a professional to implement the optimizations your site needs. While every site is unique, there tend to be similar optimizations that we make including:
  • Image resizing for big images
  • Image compression (how the image is rendered in the browser)
  • Video compression
  • HTML file minification
  • CSS file minification
  • Javascript file minification
  • Caching
We measure every change we make against popular pagespeed analysis tools and we carefully test the front-end to ensure functionality remains in tact.

WordPress Pagespeed Enhancements

Unlike some content management systems and website builders available today, WordPress is packed with features and allows you to customize your site through the use of plugins. However, in some cases, these plugins can cause issues with the performance of your website. We carefully analyze each plugin your site uses and do our best to optimize them. If it seems you have a problematic plugin on your hands, we can recommend different options.

Additionally, because we primarily develop on WordPress, we have plenty of experience optimizing page builders like Elementor and Divi.

Getting Started with Load Time / Performance Updates

If you feel like your website is just a little too slow for your visitors, let’s improve it. We can run a pagespeed analysis for you to show you where exactly it can be improved. From there, we’ll get your site brought up to speed so it’s humming for your visitors. 

Our Clients Sing Our Praises

Josh patiently partnered with me to develop a very professional website for my counseling practice; and I now have a site I can be proud of. The training sessions on the WordPress back end that Josh provided added so much value because they empowered me to continue developing my site independently.
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Licensed Professional Counselor

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