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Wix Schmix – Just As Well Upload a Twix

Wix Website Transfer to Wordpress: Wix alternatives

Obviously my keyword specialist isn't happy with my chosen title for this article. I also explored "Wix Sucks" which seemed too obvious and "Wix is like choosing to drink antifreeze for your marketing" which seemed a bit too dark. So I landed on candy - which is something I think of quite often. And Twix, while delicious, seemed like an equally useless device in which to upload your content. 

Wix Website Transfer to WordPress Brass Track

Origin of Brass Tacks

To make measuring the fabric easier, owners would hammer brass tacks

at common intervals — a yard, half-yard and quarter-yard.

So after the customer picked the cloth, the clerk would say something like,

“OK, I'll measure it, so let's get down to brass tacks.”

Brass Tacks

(I realize this is not a brass tack but the symbolism is there and is more recognizable)

Unfortunately for Wix – literally thousands of people are incredibly unhappy with their entire operation. And places like are overrun with unhappy customers to the tune of an average 1.6 rating from over 2800 people on said website. Rachel, for example, recently made her feelings about Wix – quite clear. 

She’s part of a list of mostly unhappy customers. Feel free to click the link and read them for yourself. Prepare to learn some words and have your eyes opened by a whole host of hardworking folks who’ve been wronged. 

Wix Website Transfer to WordPress

Let me be clear. Wix is NOT a good option for your new website, your old website or your mother's, your grandmother's website or your neighbor's website.

Maybe if your grandmother has a roadside pie stand – where you have literally no desire to implement any type of additional marketing services. Then maybe it would make sense to choose Wix as your platform. Unless they’re particularly delicious pies – that being the case – you simply shouldn’t subject Grandma’s pies to such a miserable existence. Don’t you LOVE your Grandmother?? What’s wrong with you?

Not convinced yet? Maybe the wise words of a well respected SEO specialist will turn a light for you…Voila! I just to happen to have one of those.

Quote from Respected SEO Specialist

"For any of the self-service web platforms available, Wix is the least SEO-friendly. Outside of basic SEO updates like title tags and meta descriptions, the platform fails all other on-page optimizations.

And although the company promotes the platform as responsive and has a mobile optimization tool, it will change the layout and design of a website on mobile screens. If you care about your site and its appearance on any type of screen, you don’t want to use Wix."

Jeff Romero | Principal | Octiv Digital

More Gems About Wix

Here’s the thing, you’re going to experience issues, if for some reason, you choose Wix as your website platform. It might be functionality, it might be design, it might even be financial. To harken back to our title. You’d have better luck buying a Twix.

Also please don’t choose Wix with the hopes of implementing any type internet marketing strategy.

Also don’t choose Wix if you’re hoping for blazing fast performance. Yep. That’s right, they also host your site. And based on my direct experience and the reviews that I’ve read. They take about as much pride in providing that service as your teenager does in cleaning their room.  Here’s a pictorial list of the negatives of Wix – if you’re more of a visual learner. 

If you are someone who requires a superior level of clarity to understand a concept; please continue reading:

“Wix is a useless platform that will most likely end up costing you more money than you save by using their “simple” website builder. Also, a penny saved is a penny earned”

Benjamin Franklin | Principal USA | Historical American Figure/Visionary

Many people are completely unaware of the full version of his original quote.

Wix Alternatives

We’re solutions oriented at Thrive Engine. We don’t want to harp too long on how useless Wix is as a platform. Unless you’d like us to?? There are actually hundreds of Wix alternatives available that, frankly, would all be a better choice. 

But at Thrive Engine,  tend to focus on one option in particular that is the industry and market leader in the website platform space. And is completely open source so it’s always improving. 

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